Nikhil Bansal invited to International Congress of Mathematicians

Bansal discussed recent developments in algorithmic approaches to discrepancy theory, a subfield of combinatorics with several applications in mathematics and computer science.
Nikhil Bansal

Nikhil Bansal, the Patrick C. Fischer Professor of Theoretical Computer Science, delivered an invited lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians on July 8. The event is the world’s largest conference on the topic of mathematics, meeting every four years and hosted by the International Mathematical Union (IMU). Bansal delivered a lecture titled “Algorithmic aspects of discrepancy theory” in three of the event’s sections, including Mathematics of Computer Science,  Control Theory and Optimization, and Stochastic and Differential Modeling.

Bansal is one of five U-M professors invited to speak at this year’s Congress, along with Jinho Baik, Bhargav Bhatt, Tasho Kaletha, and Aaron Pixton in the Mathematics Department.