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The field of optoelectronics exploits a variety of photonic structures for both passive and active device applications, ranging from semiconductor light emitting diodes, lasers, photodetectors, optical modulators, to optical memories, to name an important few. Optoelectronics primarily utilize a number of inorganic and organic semiconductor materials, and quantum nanostructures such as quantum wells and quantum dots. The photonic structures include integrated optical waveguides, photonic bandgap structures, optical microcavities, surface plasmons at the interface of dielectric and metal materials. Contemporary research topics include on-demand single photon source, nanoscale current-injection laser, microsensors, metamaterials with novel optical properties. 

ECE Faculty

Pallab Bhattacharya

Parag Deotare 

Stephen R. Forrest

L. Jay Guo

Mohammed N. Islam

Mackillo Kira 

Pei-Cheng Ku

Theodore B. Norris

Becky Peterson

Jamie D. Phillips

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