Aayush Sujit Rajankar awarded the Michigan Difference Student Leadership Quiet Influence Award

Rajankar has played a big role in ensuring that ECE functions effectively and efficiently through his work in the copy room, and his commitment to DEI has helped ensure that ECE’s PhD Visit Day was inclusive for all.
Aayush Sujit Rajankar
Aayush Sujit Rajankar at the Michigan Difference Award ceremony on March 23, 2023 in the Michigan League Ballroom.

ECE Master’s student Aayush Sujit Rajankar has been awarded the Michigan Difference Student Leadership Quiet Influence Award. The award recognizes those whose behind-the-scenes work goes above and beyond expectations.

Rajankar staffs the ECE copy room, which serves over 1800 students, 70 faculty, and 60 staff. Rajankar’s duties include sorting mail, assisting copying needs, and posting event fliers throughout the building, which are all tasks that are essential for the ECE department to function.

“Aayush is truly a hidden gem of ECE,” said Kristen Thornton, the ECE PhD Program Coordinator. “Most in ECE may not interact with Aayush, but all are impacted by the support and assistance he provides.”

Most in ECE may not interact with Aayush, but all are impacted by the support and assistance he provides.

Kristen Thornton, ECE PhD Coordinator

Rajankar has also provided invaluable support for a variety of DEI initiatives and goals. For instance, Rajankar’s assistance during ECE’S PhD Visit Day helped ensure students of all backgrounds and identities felt welcomed and cared for. The event welcomes up to 60 applicants from across the U.S., and Rajankar made sure each gift bag was personalized to each attendee, respecting each individual’s cultural and health restrictions.

In addition, when the staff member in charge of the event fell ill, Rajankar stepped in and helped shepherd the visiting applicants through the entire visit, while facilitating communication with the entire event staff team.

“Due to Aayush’s assistance, the department was able to successfully welcome a diverse group of visiting applicants, including first generation applicants and underrepresented applicants,” Thornton said. “Not only are his efforts exceptional, but he also always shows up with great enthusiasm and a smile.”

Rajankar is specializing in Control Systems, and he is particularly focused on automotive and embedded systems. Prior to joining Michigan, Rajankar worked as an Engineer at Larsen & Toubro-Infotech in the Cloud Services and Software business unit, where he built and deployed web applications on the cloud. He was specifically responsible for implementing visual and interactive elements that users engage with through their web browsers when using a web application. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering from the Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management.