CUOS Seminar | Optics Seminar

CUOS Noon Seminar: Dr. Marko von der Leyen

Dr. Marko von der LeyenPostdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of Oxford, UK
3316 EECS BuildingMap

Research in the Norreys Lab – scattering photons, creating gravity waves using twisted light, generating attosecond electron bunches and beyond

Pushing the frontiers of laser physics will allow us to explore new regimes of physics previously untouched experimentally. Here, I present an overview of current research topics in our lab utilising such laser systems, describe why we are interested in studying them and highlight the potential challenges we face. Topics range from experimentally verifying QED effects to building tools and frameworks for understanding plasma behaviour. The outcomes of this research vary from creating bright X-ray sources to understanding instabilities in nuclear fusion.


Pizza will be served!

Faculty Host

Prof. Karl KrushelnickNuclear Engineering & Radiological Science