RobustNet research group releases mobile app that measures 3G network performance

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A team of researchers in the RobustNet Research Group at the University of Michigan, led by Assoc. Prof. Z. Morley Mao, has developed MobiPerf, a mobile application that allows users to obtain a rich set of 3G network performance information. The app has been entered in the FCC Open Internet Apps Challenge, which challenges researchers and software developers to engage in research and create apps that help consumers foster, measure, and protect Internet openness. Users are encouraged to download and use the app and vote for MobiPerf in the FCC competition. All entries in the challenge can be seen here.

MobiPerf is a useful tool to score your 3G network that runs on iPhone and Android. It takes 2 – 4 minutes to complete. Using MobiPerf, you will have a good knowledge of your smartphone’s 3G network properties, such as local / global / gateway IP addresses, upload / download bandwidth (kbps), signal strength, DNS lookup latency (ms), PING latencies (ms), TCP connection establishment latencies (ms), HTTP benchmark downloading latencies (ms), and much more.

The researchers welcome feedback on the app. They can be reached at for any comments or suggestions.

Please download MobiPerf for your Android or iOS device and vote for MobiPerf. When you click the “Vote” button on the challenge site, you may need to log in with your Facebook account or create an account at It is very simple and thank you for your support!