Outstanding research recognized at Graduate Honors Competition

Five finalists from each CSE lab presented their work at the event's final round.
Competition Zoom grid
Five finalists – Nel Escher, Tanvir Ahmed Khan, Dingyu Wang, moderator Prof. Emily Mower Provost, Nishil Talati, and Max Smith.

CSE held its eighteenth annual CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition on November 10, 2021. The competition recognizes the research done by PhD students at CSE, and the final competition is the culmination of a process that narrows a field of entrants to a handful of finalists. Each finalist delivered a summary presentation on an area of their research.

The 2021 Honors Competition was sponsored by industry partner Aptiv, a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions, which enables the future of mobility.

CSE faculty and representatives from Aptiv ranked the finalists’ presentations.

Finalists and top presentation

The top presentation in the 2021 competition was “Cod(e)ifying the law,” given by Nel Escher, who represented CSE’s Interactive Systems research area.

Runners up in this year’s competition were:

Tanvir Ahmed Khan

Systems Lab

“Rescuing Data Center Processors”

Max Smith

AI Lab

“Strategic Knowledge Transfer”

Nishil Talati

CE Lab

“A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Toward Optimizing Emerging Data-Intensive Workloads”

Dingyu Wang


“Information Theoretic Limit of Cardinality Estimation: Fisher Meets Shannon”